*FREE DELIVERY:   We will deliver your order to the destination as instructed at no additional expense 

                                          to you. An early heads-up and we will accomodate you with that/next day service if so

                                          desired. Minimum order restrictions will not be imposed. Orders to the neighbor islands

                                          are by all means most welcome and are processed via USPS as they have proven to be

                                          cost efficient.


     *PERSONALIZED STOCKING:   The market offers a tremendous array of machines. You may posses a machine

                                           that is not supported locally and consequently you experience difficulty in obtaining adequate

                                           supplies. If you are pleased with the performance furnished by your machine and intend to

                                           maintain prolonged operation of such, we will oblige you by stocking your supplies.


     *ENVIRONMENTAL CONSCIOUSNESS: At your request, we will pick-up your expended imaging products (Toner,

                                            drums, etc.) to have them recycled or properly discarded as the circumstance dictates.

                                             People are increasingly concerned with, and therefoere in a "GREEN VEIN" , inquire about

                                             options in regard to disposal of imaging waste. Because we deliver, there is no problem with

                                             pick-up if you so choose. We do not discriminate as to the source of the empties, whether

                                             they are "OURS" or not.


     *END USER REWARDS: We would like to extend to you, our customers, Hewlett Packards advantageous incentive

                                             and rewards programs.

                                             1)   PURCHASE EDGE: Designed for and targeting viable businesses. All qualifying Hewlett

                                                    Packard supplies purchases earn points toward free HP products. You will receive points

                                                    based on the amount you have spent - 1 point for every $4. The accrued points can then be

                                                    redeemed for free HP hardware, ie. printers scanners, etc. CRH will be responsible for

                                                    forwarding your expenditures (invoices) and you will be able to monitor your progress on

                                                    line. Enroll now and provide for future imaging needs.

                                              2)   END USER UPC MAIL-IN REBATE PROGRAM: Caters to the individual end-user. By

                                                     completing the mail-in coupon form and with proof of purchase and accompanying

                                                     receipts, you can acquire "GIFT CARDS" towards dinning, gas and even cash!

     *PRODUCT GUARANTEE: Our toner, drums, inkjet cartridges, etc. are backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee!

                                                                                    For details CONTACT US NOW!                                             



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